The Building

DSC00610What is the Glow Effect Center for Women and Girls?

The Glow Effect Center is a direct response to the explicit desires and needs from the community of Kisaali, Central Uganda, to uplift their women and children by providing a safe place for new opportunities. The Association of Rural Women Professionals based in Kisaali was an organized group of women who wanted to spark change in their community, who knew they needed help from the outside of their poor village to see their goals met. Seeing the situation of women in their community with few skills and no opportunity to lift themselves from poverty to create a better future for their children, they envisioned a place where women and girls could come together to learn, create, and market their new abilities.

Partnering with The Glow Effect, the ARWP is getting to see their dreams take root and blossom. The building broke ground in November and is taking form. It is envisioned as a innovative and integrated class room. It is envisioned as a trading center where handcrafted goods can be marketed and made accessible to buyers. It is envisioned as a profitable and chic hair salon. It is envisioned as a solar charging station. It is envisioned as a source for change. And as it transforms from shell to a living and breathing, bustling entity where all of these visions become reality, we are not waiting to transform lives. It is happening now.

Our pioneer group has gone through our first program, currently based out of one of the leader’s homes in the light of the center up the hill. As these women learn and share, the building takes on new meaning. As much as change is already rippling through the community, the building is what will make the program sustainable and ensure that is not only a beacon of hope, but proof that when people come together you can change the world, one community at a time.

Standing within the walls you can feel the energy of future possibilities permeating from every corner. Closing my eyes it is easy to imagine it all, but when I open my eyes there is still much to be done. Walls must be plastered, windows and doors installed, fixtures placed and solar energy installed. Rooms must be outfitted to be learning centers and market places where the building will begin to generate its own income to maintain itself.

It is an exciting and inspiring time here in Kisaali and we have heard an overwhelming amount of gratitude for all that is being done here. Men and women alike are thankful for the new opportunities the center represents and has already created. Blessings are being counted and nothing is taken for granted.

If you would like to be a part of this instrumental change through the creation of the center, please consider making a donation.