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My name is Stephanie Olson of Bend, OR and I am so excited to share this blog with you. This blog serves the purpose of sharing the results and progress of The Glow Exchange’s pioneer program as we move into our second round of curriculum. My goal as Africa Field Coordinator is to highlight the transformations that are taking place in the community of Kisaali, Masaka District, Uganda with their participation in our pilot project. We are sharing the stories of participants and those effected, how their lives have change and their new visions for the future. As we continue the build of our Glow Effect Center for Women and Girls, I wish to show the importance of the center for the entire community and how it will serve to improve lives holistically as well as provide important new economic opportunities.

The Glow Exchange is a program that links skilled women from developed communities seeking a deeper purpose with women in developing communities who have expressed a need for empowerment and opportunity. The women meet cross culturally to co create a curriculum that serves the needs of the community. This not only has a lasting impact on the developing area, but the women that travel to help also have the unique opportunity to recognize their own self worth and see themselves in an impactful and powerful position. This new confidence allows them to return to their own communities to be the agents of change needed to make positive impacts at home, therefore inspiriting those around them. This innovative program provides global benefits, spreading light, glow and possibility wherever any of the women who participate live or travel.

Our programs focus on developing the self worth of women and teaching them ways to better handle challenges and conflicts in their life. Not only do we teach them a trade so that they can improve their lives economically, but we also teach them business management, leadership, and self expression so that they can have the confidence to embark on their new journey, believing in their new capacities and being a great role model for future generations who see their mothers in a light where anything is possible and you can be the leader of your own destiny. We believe this is the most impactful and sustainable development model there is and we are excited to see amazing positive results as we watch these women transform from a bud to a blossom.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will be inspired to be your own agent of positive change wherever you live!


Stephanie Olson


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