Spotlight: Gorret Nabukenya

Age 45, 6 Children, Arts & Crafts

Gorret is one of those people that lights up a room when she walks in. She is the first to give you a big hug when you walk in and always a sparkle in her eye. She transcends loveliness and always makes an extra effort to look nice when she leaves the house.

When you talk to Gorret you get the impression that nothing can bring her down. She speaks lovingly of her husband who works as a fisherman from an island on Lake Victoria. He can spend up to 6 months away at a time, which is never easy for a family, but she appreciates the sacrifices he makes and underlines the importance of the support he has had for the family since they first met.

When Gorret was 18, she tragically lost both of her parents within one month of each other. Everything they had prepared for her stopped right there. She went from being an ambitious young woman with plans of attending tailoring school to being a mother of her 4 younger siblings, orphaned and then abruptly abandoned by her eldest brother who disappeared without a word to join the army. Gorret found odd jobs with the neighbors and did what she could to scrape out a living and provide for her brothers and sisters. When a gentleman came by interested in her, she told him bluntly that what she needed was a provider and someone who would support her and her family. If he could promise that, she would marry him. The man happily obliged, and nearly 30 years later, he still holds true to that promise and looks after her and their children best as he can.


They have always been poor, but Gorret is a bold visionary. She joined the center with hopes she could support her husband’s work and see a change in the community. Some admire her and some are jealous, she says. Many other villagers discouraged her from coming to class, and telling her she was wasting her time, yet when she would ask them for assistance or advice, they were unable to help. This gave her extra determination to succeed and the more she went to class the more she learned to work with different personalities and opinions. She is now confident to help and comfort other people rather than scorn them, and emphasizes the importance of kindness and benevolence. THIS is The Glow Effect. 

Gorret feels touched that people from around the world came to Kasaali to help uplift women they don’t even know and it has given her the confidence and desire to do what she can for people worse off than herself. (Glow Effect!!!) She told me that people need to develop a heart of helping, and explained the day she saw schoolchildren walking to school without lunch pails. Asking them why they didn’t have a pail, they replied they didn’t have enough food at home. That day, on their way home from school, Gorret bequeathed 1 of her 4 bags of maize flour to take home with them.

Gorret’s advice: Offer to help with whatever you can. What can you give? God gave you life… what do you pay for it?


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