Spotlight: Safina

Name: Safina

Role in The Glow Exchange: Arts and Crafts leader


Age: 25

Profession: Teacher

Reason for joining: “At first I was hesitant to join but as it went on I gained more and more interest. Sharing with others can lift you up to the next step.”

Biggest accomplishments participating in TGX: “Prior to TGX, I was skilled in crafts but had never woven baskets with paper before. Expected to teach the class this skill I was very worried because it seemed very hard. However after I studied the pictures left behind by Amy I was able to teach myself how to create the basket and then teach it to my students. This was a very big moment of pride. I learned that nothing is too difficult if you focus, believe in yourself, and apply common sense.” Now her class has produced a dozen baskets among other crafts she has taught them how to make.

TGX Impact: “The business course taught me that I must plan ahead to save in the long run. In Guidance & Counseling I learned it’s not good to keep problems to yourself, you must share with others to gain insight and realize you aren’t alone. I was already quite confident, but the Confidence & Self Expression course helped me to improve my skills by giving me extra reason to believe in myself. In Leadership, I learned that being a leader means you also learn from others and you don’t just rule by sitting.”

Hope for future: “Before The Glow Exchange I always dreamt of doing crafts since I was a child but I never thought it was possible. Now I see my potential and my skills and I can see myself opening my own workshop. In the arts we don’t work to be paid, we work to share with others and the pay will come. People used to think my crafting was a waste of time but now they see what I am accomplishing with TGX and they now support me to follow my dream of creating crafts full time. Follow what you need with your heart to get what you want.”



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